The Peanut Man

“Education is the Key to unlock the golden door of freedom”

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope”

“Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will  eventually destroy the later”

These are just a few quotes from Mr George Washington Carver aka “The Peanut Man” A great man.


George Washington Carver amazingly found 105 different recipes, and 100 different products which could be made from a single peanut! He wanted to show that from the peanut you can grow alternative crops, both as a sourcing their own food, and as a source of other products to improve the quality of life for poor farmers. These products included dyes, paints and gasoline. Foods like Peanut soup, Bread and my favourite Peanut Butter.

George was born into slavery in Missouri around 1862, his exact date is unknown. But through sheer grace, determination and his love for people he became a national treasure. The George Washington Carver National Monument can be found in Diamond, Missouri, and was the first dedicated to a black American. As well as the monument, there is an easy small walking trail (about a mile and accessible) to the Carver House, Carver pre-civil war cemetery and the small cabin where Moses and Susan first moved to before George was born.


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Address : 5646 Carver Road, Diamond, Missouri 64840


Phone : +1 417-325-4151

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Entrance: FREE


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