City Break Ideas – Day 4 – Carcassonne

“Carcassonne a 12th century fortress in the south of France.

I find it so funny when people ask what I do for a living, then they automatically think it’s a glamorous job! Well… If you saw me arriving at Carcassonne airport on which turned out to be a VERY wet, windy and cold day! Waiting in the pouring rain for a taxi, with 50 other people for an hour, moaning!! You will be running for the hills! Anyway, moaning aside, having finally got into my taxi, then been driven through the streets of this old city, I soon forgot all my troubles.

Where to stay?

Arriving at my hotel “Le Terminus” which dated back to 1914 (and was originally a shoe factory) it was so French, I loved it. They have kept the character so well, mixing modern and old French styles together. As you walk in, your met with a stunning lobby, with its decorative chandelier drooping down and a 1920’s styled balcony on the second floor overlooking the seating area on the first. The piano in the corner and the old telephone exchange in another, it’s cool.

What to do?

After a good night’s sleep I headed to explore this old and unique city and I mean unique! I arrived at the old bridge leading to the medieval city and WOW, it was incredible! What a lovely view, I can now see Carcassonne attraction in full. As you enter through the gates your drawn to its history. Let your imagination run wild…

The old city and castle is Carcassonne’s trump card and really makes it stand out from other European cities that I have visited. Apart from the airport…! I really enjoyed my time here. You will find interesting little boutique French shops and lots of café bars to relax in and watch the world pass you by.


Love food? I do, the local dish is called “Cassoulet” Now you will either love it or hate it, I liked it, (No surprise there a…!) It’s a fine blend of Beans, sausage and duck with a crispy topping of breadcrumbs. Now, I’m a big lover of quiche, and I thought as it’s French (I think) I’ve got to try some whilst been in France! Hmmm… It’s not quite what you get in little old England, a bit weird in fact, plain and watery, like onions and egg cooked together and that’s its! No cheese! A, but at least I did try it.

Useful Stuff…

I booked my flight through Cheap, think I paid around £50 return from Manchester airport and that was flying in the month of May.

I booked my hotel through I got a two-night deal at “Le Terminus” with breakfast and of course the important Internet for £145.


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