One of the Eight Wonders of Kansas!

Monument Rocks!

Over 100 million years ago, during the cretaceous era, Kansas was covered in a vast ocean. Hard to believe hay? But natural features such as the Monument Rocks, are remains of that ancient seabed.

Fossil hunters have searched the chalk beds and limestone hillsides of the Smoky Hill River region since 1870 for remains of ancient creatures. Among the most astonishing they found were from a flying reptile called Pteranodon. Pteranodon wingspan was 30-foot and surprised scientist because, unlike other flying reptiles, their becks and hollow bones seemed to make them the ancestors of birds, cool a?


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It’s School Holiday Time!

Well can you believe its Easter already and the school Easter holidays are upon us yet again!! But, don’t fear, here are some ideas for fun days in and out.

1; Visit The Cinema – Most Cineworlds have movies for juniors in the mornings, where you only have to pay £2 per child on selected films.

2; Be A Tourist – If you buy a National Rail “travelcard” and you can qualify for 2-for-1 vouchers on many London attractions.

3; FREE ATTRACTIONS – Yes, it’s true there are many free activities to enjoy all around the UK. Some of the free-entry places to try are London’s National History Museum and Science Museum, the National Museum in Cardiff, the World Museum in Liverpool and the National Football Museum in Manchester, which happens to be the biggest football museum in the world. There great fun, children will love them, they’re very educational and it won’t put a massive dent in your wallet.

4; Have A Day In – Have a duvet day. Use a web-site such as to buy movies at a fraction of the price.


Happy Easter Holidays Everyone!




On the 10th June 1944, a horrific war crime took place in Oradour-Sur-Glane in France. The Soldiers of the 2nd Waffen-SS-Panzer Division das Reich, without any warning or explanation, killed 642 men, women and children. They left just a handful of survivors and destroyed the entire village. To this day there is no universally accepted explanation for the massacre! On my recent visit to the town which is located just west of the French city of Limoges, I took these photos, walking around in what can only be described as a historical grief stricken catastrophe.


Useful stuff…

The museum and memorial is open Every Day From 9am-5pm – Summer months open longer (Please check web-site for specific dates) Last entrance 1 hour before closure.

Admission Fee €7 (To the museum, Village is free)

It takes around 3 hours to visit both Village and Museum.

*TIP* I bought a guide book from the shop to help make sense of the village as I was walking round, well worth it.

Address; L’auze, 87520 Oradour-sur-Glane, France

Phone; +33 555 43 04 30


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Jodrell Bank and Discovery Centre

I’m going to have a change from my normal information packed articles this time and make it more personnel. I think this is the only way really to write about something that is so close to home and my local area. Way out of my comfort zone here, so here goes…

Isn’t it funny, we all plan holidays, visit the beach etc. But things closer to home always seem to taken a back seat, maybe it is because we think there always going to there? Or think “its ok we’ll do that next week” but never end up going… Well, I can’t believe that it has taken me 30 plus years to finally visit Jodrell Bank and the Discovery Centre. What an amazing place, so interesting and it’s been right on my doorstep all this time!

It was a lovely spring day, sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. Time for my flip flops to make an appearance, me thinks! Setting out that day with my niece and mother, I always thought Jodrell Bank was just a big telescope that tried to find stuff what was in space! Which I suppose in away is true, but when I pulled up at the carpark and entrance, to my surprise I found there was a visitor’s centre and picnic area. Even before you enter the centre your hit with interesting facts straight away. I was hooked already.

Entering the visitor’s centre, I found an exhibition to my left and space shop to my right. I paid £11.95 for me and mum and with Izzy been under 4, she went in for free. (I will give info on prices at the end within the useful stuff) After paying, the receptionist gave us a site map and pointed us in the right direction, we were off… First stop was a nice little walk to the gardens, where you will find a little play area and wooden benches, with open grassland so the kids can run off some steam! Then we walked and explored the gardens more, with little tree mazes and a Galaxy Garden, we loved it, so much fun.

Next on the list was the Planet Pavilion, very informative and interesting stuff to mess around with, for both adults and children. We sat in the small cinema and watched a short film on Jodrell Bank. After spending about an hour doing all the different puzzles and science stuff, including the Whispering Dishes, (a must when visiting) the dishes experiment with sound waves, there is also a water vortex experiment and a wheel race experiment.

Then it’s to the Lovell Telescope, the main event as such. It was the brain child of Sir Bernard Lovell, an original director at Jodrell Bank and it has been star gazing now for over 50 years. The radio telescope tries to detect very faint radio signals coming from objects far across the universe such as galaxies, black holes and exploded stars. At the time of completion in 1957 it was the largest steerable telescope in the world and even now, it’s the 3rd and still a major player in world-leading scientific research.

Useful stuff…

Address; Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 9DL (Sat Nav Users; SK11 9DW)

Telephone Number; 01477 571766



Open from 10am – 5pm everyday

Admission Fees; Adults; £6.80

                                Children; 4-16 years £5.00

                                Concession 60+ £5.00

                                NUS Students £5.00

                                Family Ticket 2+2 £21.80

                                Family Ticket 2+3 £26.00

All prices are quoted without a gift aid. If you can give a gift aid please do, it all goes to the help of running a local gem, and one that we should all visit and support.

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Taughannock Falls

Beautiful Taughannock Falls is situated south east of Finger Lakes national forest in New York State off route 96 and 89. This magnificent waterfall is free to view from two outlooks; this one was from Taughannock park road when I visited the area last October.

The waterfall itself is higher than Niagara Falls on the American side and is the highest vertical single drop waterfall in the north-eastern United States. Another way to see the falls is along one of the many hiking trails in the area, this offers you the chance to view the spectacular falls more closely.

Useful stuff…

Address;  1740 Taughannock Blvd, Trumansburg, NY 14886, USA


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