Let’s Find Silver!

The Ghost Town of Calico!

In the year of 1881 a group of four men found silver in the Calico mountains situated in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. This was the birth of a great rich time in the area, that lasted into the mid 1890’s before the big silver crash. From the early 1900’s Calico just been baking in the hot Californian sun, wasting away until a chap called Walter Knott bought Calico in the 1950’s and restored all but 5 original buildings, to help Calico get back to the good times of the 1880’s. But it wasn’t silver mining that was on the mind of Walter, but tourists! In 1966 Walter kindly donated Calico to San Bernardino County where it was made a regional park. Then in 2005 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed Calico as California’s silver rush ghost town and Calico was made historical land mark 782. Today Calico offers visitors an insight to what life was actually like in the town back in the 1880’s, with people coming to see the town from all over the world. I found it a very welcoming and interesting pit-stop on my road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. It’s just 5 minutes off I-15 exit 191 and the town is open daily from 9am till 5pm with an $8 entrance fee.

These are my photo’s of that visit, I hope they will inspire you to call in next time your in the area.


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