The Klaipeda Black Ghost…!

This Ghostly character lives in Klaipeda, Lithuania which is the 3rd largest city and the only port to the country.

The legend of the Black Ghost dates to 1595, and it’s said, that after appearing to a castle guardsman one stormy night, the ghost warned him that the city needed more supplies of grain and timber to survive the up and coming winter. The guardsman was covered in fear, but as quick as the ghost appeared… It vanished…! Then with supplies topped up, the city survived the harsh winter and thanks to the ghost the city was saved. Today, the ghostly bronze character is a symbol of good luck and wealth for whoever touches him.

Useful Stuff…

Sculptors : S. Jurkus and S. Plotnikovas, architechts V. Dapkevičius and V. Balsys


Copyright © All rights reserved.





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