A Show Down in Kansas!

The Buffalo Bill Story

The sleepy rural town of Oakley, Kansas has the slogan “Birthplace of a Legend” this is based on the rivalry of two buffalo hunters named William F Cody and William Cornstock. They were both making their living as buffalo hunters, Cody was hunting for the crews that were laying the Kansas Pacific Railroad, whilst Cornstock was hunting for the soldiers at Fort Wallace. Both went by the nickname of “Buffalo Bill” but, as in everything there can be only one! So, a competition was arranged to find out who was the best and had the right to call myself the true “Buffalo Bill” The contest was held just west of Oakley and Cody won by ease, bringing down a staggering 69 buffalo to Cornstocks 46. So, from that day in the spring of 1868 William F Cody was known as “Buffalo Bill” The legend was born.


The Buffalo Bill statue and Cultural Center can be found off I-70 at exit 70, then head south and keep straight on US-83 for five miles. The statue and center will be on your right at the intersection of west, 2nd street.


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